Resident Care Services
Manitoba’s “Aging in Place” initiative is wholly embraced by WMSCI. We recognize that as a person’s needs change over time—there are viable options that allow our seniors to gradually increase the support and assistance they receive while at the same time maintaining as much independence as possible, to safely remain in their own home for as long as they can and want to. We’re proud to serve our seniors, and we're certainly passionate about caring!

Resident Care is provided free of charge to qualified residents.
Referrals are via the WRHA intake line 940-2655 M—F 08:30-16:30.

In March 2010 we began our Resident Care Program. We work with WRHA case coordinators to provide care for our residents who need home care services. We hire our own Health Care Aides and Support workers which allow us to have more flexibility.

For additional services that are not already covered by your WRHA home care plan, or if you are not a WRHA Home Care client, we have created a fee-for-service option using our own workers for service
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