Q: Do you have a Display Suite?
A: There is not a specific suite set up for display, but many residents are generous in offering us a tour of their home. When a suite is vacant, we can arrange to tour it.

Q: Can you accommodate special diets for people with medical conditions?
A: Unfortunately we are unable to do this.

Q: Will someone deliver meals if I'm sick?
A: For short-term needs, we are able to provide meal delivery to the suites.

Q: How long is the wait to get in?
A: This is a difficult question to answer as the waiting list changes constantly.

Q: What does it cost to put my name on the waiting list?
A: There is no cost to putting your name on the waiting list.

Q: Are all the church services Mennonite?
A: Although Lindenwood Manor and Terrace are sponsored by Mennonite Churches, we encourage a variety of Christian denominations to participate in presenting church services. Most services are held on Sunday afternoons. Mass is also available.

Q: Do residents have to take out their own garbage?
A: There is a daily garbage pickup at your door for all residents. This is also our way of doing a daily safety check on residents. If a resident’s garbage container is not outside the suite in the morning, we check to make sure everything is okay.

Q: Do we have call buttons?
A: Our research has shown that traditional call buttons are not as effective as other methods, therefore we have not included them in our suites. 911 will respond within minutes and First Responders have direct access to your apartment. Systems such as Victoria Life Line can be used as a back-up.

Q: Do we have transportation for appointments?
A: We do not provide this service, but are happy to connect you with agencies who serve our residents regularly.

Q: It is possible to pay for only the rent and not the meal portion?
A: Our rates include your suite, food services, recreation, housekeeping, maintenance and more. The option of separating the meal portion is not available. We believe the social and emotional benefits of connecting with your neighbours over meals will enhance your quality of life.

Q: Do we provide laundry services?
A: There are laundry rooms on each floor at Lindenwood Manor and they can be used at no charge. Lindenwood Terrace has in-suite laundry machines. If a resident needs assistance with laundry, we have a laundry service (fee for service) that you may sign up for. We have laundry brochures available at the front desk of the Manor and Terrace with more information.

Q: If a person already has homecare can it continue?
A: Yes. The home care you already receive can follow you to Lindenwood Manor and Terrace. You should contact your Case Coordinator as soon as you know you are moving and they will transfer your care plan.

Q: What is the difference between the Manor and the Terrace?
A: Lindenwood Manor has 135 suites. The laundry facilities are on each floor, in each wing of the building. Most of the suites do not have a stove. Lindenwood Terrace has 79 suites. All of the suites have in-suite washer, dryer and stove.