Unexpectedly, the job opening at WMSCI showed up on our screen, and although it was my wife who was looking for a job, it caught my attention and I decided to apply. This was July 2019, and in the meantime we are in February 2020 and as you might have figured out, I did get hired and am now the facilities director at WMSCI. What this means is that my team and I look after all four facilities and perform general maintenance works to avoid possible failures and malfunctions, we develop preventative and corrective maintenance programs and complete daily work assignments in a timely and accurate matter.

Really, most of what we do should go unnoticed by our residents as our job really is to have the place run as smoothly as possible without any down time on critical equipment. The moments we do see our residents is to unplug a sink or toilet, and changing lightbulbs is another task that brings us into their suites. Creativity and the need to problem solve is what makes the job interesting as no day is the same as unexpected challenges show up and need to be resolved one way or another. My time in Ethiopia has taught me to be creative and to push through as the solution is sometimes a process and it can take time to figure it out.

Often people are surprised to find me working at WMSCI as this is quite a different life from living abroad as missionaries and starting different kinds of agricultural projects. Although that life indeed was very different, there are similarities as well. The need to be resilient, creative and somehow able to figure it out is needed at both places. People, although in a completely different setting, with a different language and different culture, are surprisingly similar. My belief that God has created us for community and relationship with other people is applicable at both places.

What a blessing to be able to work in such a diverse community and meet so many wonderful people, hear their stories and get to know them. It is our desire to make the place they call home a pleasant one, peaceful and safe. We aim to show our residents our care through the way we interact with them and respond to their needs. Our prayer is that through that they will see a small glimpse of our Heavenly Father.

Arnold Krul – Lindenwood Facilities Director