Some musings by Viv Rees – Resident.

Throughout our life journeys we have many places we call home. But where we live today is where we are at home and where we enjoy the comforts that come with that warm enwrapping word “home”. There are all those times of waiting and our experience was no different – we had looked at a future home and then awaited the call telling us that an accommodation was available.

All those questions: “What can we take?”, “What can we donate?”, “Is there anything we could sell?”, “What things might the children want?” Our minds turn to look at the “things” we have accumulated and treasured over the years – are they still important enough to move? Decisions of all kinds are to be made, but we still await that call. Oh the waiting and wondering, and then it happens.

Like the starter’s gun at a race, everything suddenly takes on another shape and other demands and those questions are now decisions. Measure the rooms, speculate on fitting or not fitting – what day shall we move? However, it happens and with the advice, help and love of family and friends we are moved – a long sigh of relief.

Now, who are all these people – where do we sit in the dining room, should we avoid certain tables? We take the plunge, introduce ourselves and these new strangers are not so strange; they have lived lives just like us and are generally willing to share in reminiscences and show interest in our story. The waiting staff come to take our orders – almost the first question is, “What are your names?”

And they remember them, as next day we are greeted by name when we sit in the dining area. The staff in this place are special people – checking on how we are settling in, introducing themselves and telling us what they do to make this place work. We didn’t see the big “Welcome” banner but it was certainly reflected by everyone we met and are meeting.

Ah, yes, the question now is “Where are we?” We are at The Manor,
Lindenwood Manor, with spacious suites, quiet areas, library, chapel, games room and many other places to stop, relax and think – and yes to be able to say “We are home.”

The strangers mentioned are now new friends sharing laughs and perhaps griefs, but we are a community and I believe that the folk have been assembled intentionally by the God that we share and the faith that we have in his promises and love.